Scary High School Teacher 3D

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Are you a fan of anime games? Are you fed up of these boring scary teacher games? So you are at right place we are providing you a new game Anime High School Scary Teacher Sakura Revenge with all the new funny levels you have ever seen before.
This mad teacher name is Izumi Sensei has been famous for threatening all the students, bullying them. Now in this year 2021, crazy scary teacher has come to your angry neighbor and starting a rampage in this horror anime school simulator 3D game. Escape and say hello neighbor to all of this destroy! Amazing spooky games atmosphere; where you have to make fun and amazing pranks with anime scary school teacher and make their life awful by doing naughty acts pay teachers with amazing hello spooky neighbor contest. Be the best player and mix some red chilies in their food and enjoy that movement in spooky games 2021. Amazing scary teacher 3d school environment along with best selective baldi acts that will give you more fun in scary teacher games 3d.
You might have been playing many other scary teacher games, so say hello to the spooky teacher anime japanese life in the creepy teacher games which offers you a chance to prank bad teacher to take revenge of your school friends in the most amazing ways possible, but better not get caught by the scare scary teacher in scary games 2021, because if you get caught by scary teacher then she is surely going to punish you in the cruelest way in this scary granny game. Have fun with your new spooky neighbor in different ways, find new things in each level to prank her & have fun with the creepy teacher.
We will give you multiple thrilling and fun fill levels to torture the haunted teacher and fulfill your thirst of revenge in scary school teacher 3d. Escape the space that you are trapped and make their haunted teacher life awful by torture with multiple naughty acts in scare scary evil teacher. Amazing animations and levels that will give you more fun and say hello to your neighbor teacher and drop pumpkin to their head and enjoy that movement in spooky games along with scary haunted teacher 3d fun.

The best of Anime Scary Teacher Sakura revenge games is here, that scary teacher torture everyone in school that you have nightmares. So better get up and get dressed have breakfast & go to school & think of scary strategy games tricks to take revenge and teach her some lesson, in school you’ll find scary teacher who is notorious by the name of evil spooky teacher who will be waiting for you in the school courtyard. teach scary old granny a lesson in this high school spooky games.

Anime High School Scary Teacher Sakura Revenge Provides:
- Highly Detailed 3D Environment and Characters
- Anime Characters for anime lovers
- Multiple Levels to Scare the Anime Scary Teacher
- Multilevel Story not seen any scary teacher game
- Amazing sound effects